Syihab's 2nd Birthday

Took pictures with my old digital cam and there were lots of moving around so many pictures are blurred. Being used to good quality photos from the DSLR, it can be a sore eye but sometimes, it's not always about the quality of the photos but the memories it brings. =)

I can't help but smile because it was one of the most frantic and last minute celebration we ever had!

The basis was there, we break our fast with some food bought by my bro and cake cutting later but as soon as we finished singing Happy Birthday, my SIL remembered she bought some birthday stuff and forgot to take it out.

So we had to rewind and took out the decorations. haha I even insisted we put up the banners. =P


I don't know why the kids wore their traditional outfits that night. Hari raya comes early for them =P Birthday boy is in yellow by the way.

 Commotion over the party hats and banners.

We sang Happy birthday the 2nd time lol Complete with dancing from mommy and brother.

Happy family!

The boys were well-behaved and the celebration was fun and funny! Who says unplanned birthday party always sucks? Happy birthday, Syihab!


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