Hari Raya 2012 – Week 2

For the second weekend of Hari Raya, I asked my mom if we were going to my maternal grandpa’s house. It’s already bad enough we only visit him once a year and we didn’t on the first day of Shawal.

Before heading to grandpa’s house, we headed to my SIL’s mom’s house. We sat around for a while, ate yummy Mee Kuay Teow Goreng and waited for my brother and family to get ready.

[Pictures are not at it's optimum on that day =S]

The kids were well-behaved although Shibly was upset I exploded his car in Need for Speed on the iPad. =P

Sis said she would join us to the second house for some unforeseen circumstances, she couldn’t make it.

Abg drove us to Yew Tee and there, we saw the severity of grandpa’s condition (he has heart problems, diabetes and bone cancer) When we arrived, he just finished pooping and was calling out for my nephew to help him.

When he came out, he was in a wheel chair and both of his legs were in horrid condition. All because he hurt himself while trying to clip his toe some time ago and didn’t tell anyone about it. Since hehas diabetes, the infection simply spread to his calves.

We chatted for a few hours, mostly asking him about his well-being and etc.

Family pic! I am so glad Mak asked Jhon to follow because if not, no personal photographer. Lol

We headed home before night fall, a few minutes after Syihab woke up from his nap cranky.

By the time we reached home, I made a quick change and went out for a quick dinner date while Mak laid some guilt trip to Sis for not following because grandpa was looking for her. =P

Too bad we didn’t get to see my paternal Chinese grandma. She is senile and partially blind and it was only advisable to visit her with dad. Why we didn’t go? Because of reasons.

Anyways, it was a good day. =)

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