Garbage live in Singapore 2012

‘Special’, ‘#1 Crush’, ‘Queer’, ‘I’m only happy when it rains’ are just some of the popular songs sung by the 80’s grunge band, Garbage. After 16 years, they have come to Singapore once again for their long awaited performance with a new album, “Not your kind of people”

The concert was held at Fort Canning Park and it rained for a while in the evening making me nervous because it’s the only time I am not happy when it rains, during an outdoor concert. #notpunny?

Luckily, it was just a passing rain and simply cooled down the atmosphere for the concert.

Jhon and I managed to get a great spot off to the left of the park where it is less crowded with less aroma of beer and cigarette smoke.

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The band started late (ticket shows 7.45pm) which is quite normal for a concert goer like me. Artists NEVER start on time.

But was it worth the wait? I would say yes although I was disappointed with the poor lighting and lack of effort in stage setup. Sound system okay but perhaps I was off to the left so I didn’t get the optimum sound coverage.

Shirley was hot as always and the band was wonderful. They really have not changed much, not even rusty.

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Garbage did played some songs from their new album. They tried incorporating a hint of other genres into the songs perhaps to ‘keep it up to date’ but I wished they stuck to their original genre. Will Grunge relive its status again? We shall see.

Listening to their old songs really brought us back to our teenage days and I am sure it did the same with fellow audiences since most of them ranges in the age of mid 20s and above.

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Was it a memorable concert? Not as much as I expected it to be but then again, I did expect a lot from them. Garbage leh… =p

Anyways, it was a great concert and I am glad that I didn’t give it a miss.


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