Flash Photography: Irfan

Jhon is currently experimenting another type of photography which is Flash Photography.

He has a small setup with external flash, trigger flash, umbrella and light stand. I was suppose to be the subject of the photo shoot but I got lazy because I had to make-up and dress up. =P

Conveniently, Sis and family just came back home from shopping and little Irfan dressed up, suited for a shoot. He was recovering from cold sores on his bottom lip but it's not so noticeable.

Sis made a quick cameo although she complains about her hair being flat. I did some light photo editing to this photo, mostly on Irfan's cold sore.

Quick outfit change.

Model got thirsty but still wanted to take picture.

Jhon tried to make him laugh by pulling his bottle away (he found it hilarious for some reason) while snap a few pictures.

Not bad as I can see the difference in lighting but there is still room for improvement to make the picture stands out even more. =)