Philippines 2012 Day 3 - The Pinoy Wedding

The day started early for all of us. 6.30am to be exact and I am pretty sure everyone had woke up day earlier than me. We had breakfast and I had a head start with the shower because I need more time to get ready. =p

While waiting for our rented van to arrive, someone selling soya bean came along! It’s soya bean curd with syrup and ‘sagu’ seeds. It was yummy but I couldn’t finish. =P

And off we went to Bucalan with Jhon, his sis (Loi) and dad to his cousin’s wedding. His mom couldn’t follow because of her stoma bag and his bro will accompany her at home.

The journey was 2 hours and it was interesting, seeing parts of Philippines, away from Manila.

We arrived at the church quite early and there was an art competition just outside the church.

We also roamed the place, absorbing the atmosphere and took photos. It was a first time I ever went into a church so I really took a look with eyes wide open.

This is also the day I met Jhon’s relatives and grandma for the first time! Jhon was not around to officially introduce me so his sis did. I was so happy that she is around to accompany me while Jhon is being busy being the best man. Nervous nak mampus hokay?

The ceremony started quite late but before I knew, Jhon started to walk. [Dammit, when I saw Jhon walked the aisle with the violin playing in the background, I almost went teary eyed because it’s like he is walking down the aisle for me even though I know it does not work that way haha]

Cousin with his parents.

There was A LOT of praying, sitting, standing and talking, mostly in Pinoy and I didn’t know what to do so I snapped photos. Even so, I felt I was being rude because I was a guest who is not acknowledging the speeches.

Thank God, Loi and dad was very nice and kept encouraging me to go in front to take photos so I didn’t feel so bad.

The wedding was simple and nice but did you notice the wedding dress? Very Lady Gaga-ish. It was translucent accept for diamantes to cover her boobs. =X

After 1 hour or so, HORRAY! Married LIAO!

Everyone then headed to their reception at a nearby hotel. See, everyone sayang Jhon.

Check out our door gift, Cactus which I can’t bring back to Singapore. Boo hoo hoo!

Jhon had to make a speech, silly him, he was not prepared but don’t best men and maid of honours have to do speeches? Haha

We left quite early because it would be a long journey home and guess what? Jhon’s sweet grandma cooked for Jhon and me seafood because they knew we have to be selective with our food.

Crabs and prawns babeh! It was extra yummy because it was cooked with love.

It was an interesting and fun but tiring day. I was glad that the day went smoothly.

Day 4, Grandma’s house and Beach at Subic Bay!



  1. I've never attended a Pinoy wedding before, but these pics look amazing! Everything's so pretty. I love the pic where the kids had to shield their eyes when the couple kissed hehehe

    1. Thank you, Joey. It was an interesting experience and I am thankful that I get to be part of it. =)