Philippines 2012 Day 4.1 - Grandma's House

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If you noticed, the title says Day 4.1 which means I will be breaking the day into 2 blog posts because in day 4, we went to Jhon's grandma's house in Bataan, to a beach in Subic Bay and then back to grandma's house. =)

The main reason I had to divide it was because there were too many photos I wanted to share!

Our van came by the house at 8pm and it was different driver because apparently we tire out our previous older driver lol  Our new driver was his son, Dennis.

So off we went to Bataan which is roughly 2.5 hours. It does not feel that long though because it was scenic trip.

I have seen mountains but I have never been to a place where it has mountains upon mountains! It was a beautiful naturalistic part of Philippines.

Mount Malasimbu which is near grandma's house. Isn't wonderful that your view is a mountain and not of buildings?

By the time we reached her house, it was almost 11am and as we stretch our legs from the car ride, lunch was being prepared. =)

Grandma's place is an established rural place compared to Jhon's place. I kinda like it!

There were many pictures on the walls and grandma story-mory with me with every single one. There were pictures of her children and her grandchildren and I spotted one of young Jhon!

Doggy looks cute but it was crazy noisy!

We had a hearty lunch with more crabs! yummeh! 

We later headed out to the beach at Subic bay with Jhon's uncle, niece and nephew.
More on that on a another post. =)

After the beach outing, we came back to grandma's house to rest and we ate for an early dinner. I told you we ate a lot and I never gain any weight! 

We spent the rest of the day simply mingling around. Jhon and I sweated like crazy because the day was extra hot that day. So the family made some cooling deserts! 

Grandma makes and sell iced syrup popsicles and I ate 2 sticks hehe while Jhon rode a bicycle around the house. I bet you can't do that your house.. hehe

Then MORE cooling deserts! Homemade halo-halo which is shaved ice with condensed milk and sweet corn. YUMMEH!!

My bangs turned wonky from the constant sweating but my curls from bun hair do looks great!

After the sweating, eating and playing around, we headed back to Pasig City before sundown. That night, the cold shower was the most heavenly throughout the entire vacation. haha

Next post shall be Day 4.2, Subic Bay!