Philippines 2012 Day 5 - Tagaytay

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Day 5… The last touristy day before Jhon and I leave for Singapore the next morning.

On this day, we went to Tagaytay to watch over the Taal lake and volcano.

Okay, a little prelude. April happen to be my birthday month and Jhon felt bad for not doing anything for my birthday so he decided to have a belated picnic in Philippines. The only thing is that I don’t know when. I only suspected it would be by the beach or by a volcano.

On day 2 and 3, Jhon’s family discussed about their birthday plans for me. They speak in Tagalog but I can pick out some words. They talked about what food should his mom cook, what to bring and even what cake to buy. It was so sweet to see these people I just met planning with full gusto just for my birthday. I don’t get to see this at home. =)

So at 7.30am, Dennis, our driver came by to drive us to Tagaytay. We saw several pineapple plantations along the way.

When we reached the place, it was still early and it was cooling because we were on a mountain. It’s like we were in an air conditioned place. We passed a viewing spot and when Dennis and Jhon's dad heard me squealed in delight, they offered to stop for me to the check out the view even though I could get an eyeful later.

I thought it would be cool the entire day but as soon as the sun rises, it got heaty again.

We were the first few to arrive Tagaytay Picnic Groove so we were spoilt for choice. I was busy juggling climbing up and down the steep staircase, finding the perfect spot and looking at the beautiful view.

[I know, my elbow went wonky. I have weird joints okay? #insecure]

This is the closest I have ever been to a volcano and do you know we can actually trek on it or sail around it??? SYIOK! We didn’t have enough time for that so perhaps next time! hehe So exciting!

My belated birthday picnic started with yummy noodles! Yey! Hehe One of Jhon’s uncle and of course, Dennis, our awesome driver joined too. hehe So far, I feel so lucky to always get awesome, dedicated and sincere drivers whenever I go for a vacation.

The picnic ground has shops and ZIPLINE!! There were 3 types. In a boring cable car, sitting down and SUPERMAN where you lay down and zip line! Lol Naturally, I wanted to go but Jhon was hesitant for me going for my safety but eventually, he gave in! Thank you, mahal ko! I went with his sister, Loi. She is much more adventurous than Jhon. =P

We went superman zip line and came back via sitting zip line. It was a short distance but fun nonetheless.

After the thrilling ride, we went back to the gazebo to take a breather and CAKE TIME!

Jhon’s brother (who never followed us out but did a lot of behind the scenes work like this) bought chocolate mousse cake! It was really delicious because it was a mousse cake; it’s not so chocolaty and sweet.

High with sugar, we had a ‘wacky-wacky’ shot which is a Pinoy version of candid shot. Hehe Oh wait, the cake box is not opened yet so this is before lol.

I really had a wonderful time and I truly appreciate for every effort made from everyone. Even Jhon’s mom and bro who didn’t always follow us around but I knew they are the ones who bought food and cooked for me. I have never met such a hospitable and loving family.

Since our flight home was tomorrow morning with plenty of time after the picnic, I told Jhon that I still have quite a good amount of pesos left and wanted to take the opportunity to spend on them. I had to promise it was for me and no more for others. =P

So Dennis dropped Jhon, Loi and I at Ever Gotesco Mall at Pasig. I simply love the shirts there, mainly because their fit is awesome as it accentuates my body shape. ;D And it all cost me SGD8 each. Now if Jhon ever goes back to Philippines without me, I would ask him to go to this place to get me tops. Hehe

Oh yeah, Jhon even get to eat at his favourite place, JollieBee.. lol Halal version can be found at Changi City Point Mall at Bagus. Haha

After shopping, I insisted Jhon to take me to watch awesome coconut peeling skills which I saw when we were going to Tagaytay. He was hesitant at first because he was afraid for my safety and his DSLR since we would be at the side of the road.

He eventually gave in after I reminded him he promised me that he would let me see it in action. Lol Click here for a blog post solely on coconut peeling. I am THAT fascinated and amused!

Afterwards, we rode the jeepney. We were lucky because the ride was empty except for a lady so it was fun. Jeepney is a mostly used form of public transport and it can be packed like sardines. Mind you, there is no air-conditioning!

We reached home by 5pm. Jhon and I rested and started packing. There were lots to pack. When we went to Philippines, Jhon brought a large luggage while I had a medium sized one and we ended up exchanging luggage. Jhon did most of the packing because he is OCD about it and he can’t stand watching how I pack which by the way, is quite decent! Hmph.

Oh yeah, before nightfall, yummy food! I want this again please! Mango dipped soya sos with sugar and sugar glazed fried sweet potato. YUMMMY!!!!

And for dinner, grilled fish by Loi. =D

As night time ensues, Loi asked me if wanted to follow her and her dad to a nearby store to buy something. I was hesitant for a second because I had no makeup and dressed for home but I eventually followed.

Loi was so sweet. She knew I was shy and insecure she kept pointed out other ladies who wore home clothes out too to reassure me. We went to 2 stores and ended up to a nearby mall. Just to look for Nestea Ice lemon tea.

Just for me.

It was because I ever mentioned I wanted to buy a large pack to bring home since day one but I forgot.

Jhon and family, why are you so nice! Now I know where Jhon’s nice and sweet character comes from. His parents! I have never been so touched because they were so thoughtful and hung every word I said.

I am going to miss them to the max.

Next and final blog post on Philippines, Day 6.



  1. Hello! JUst wondering, u r a Muslim, right? Is it possible to get Halal food in the Philippines?

    1. Yes, FQ, I'm a Muslim and there are plenty of Halal restaurants in Philippines.
      You may check it out at this website: