Philippines 2012 Day 4.2 - Subic Bay

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Day 4 started at grandma’s house. Click here for Day 4.1

So after a hefty lunch made by Jhon’s sweet grandma, we headed to a beach at Subic. Jhon’s mom stayed over whiles Jhon, Loi, his dad, uncle, 3 cousins and of course, our lovely driver came along with us.

To be honest, we got semi lost because apparently there were 2 beaches we could go, private and public. We went back and forth feeling a little frustrated but monkeys made the journey less stressful. Haha

After 30-45 minutes of random driving, we found out we were at the opposite side of the public beach. But seriously, it was not as bad as it sounds. The view was nice as we got to see yachts, monkeys, WWII abandoned camp etc.

Eventually we found ourselves at Olongapo beach. Luckily we had Jhon’s uncle around because he is a member of the resort and we managed to enter for free. YEY!

The afternoon was piercing hot but it was breezy. The place was rather crowded but I didn’t care because the ocean was bluish green, the mountains were high and the sand is BLACK! Okay, it was not entirely black, only partly. It is black because it was from the ashes of a nearby volcano.

The kids found a dead crab.

The cool water was tempting under the scorching hot sun and we all had a game on who can go into the water the deepest without getting their clothes wet and Loi won with her shorts. Hehe


After a while, 2 of the youngest cousins could not resist and went in. haha *jealous*

*sings* Follow the leader, leader, leader. Follow the leader.


After a while, the sun gets intolerable so we joined the male adults under the shade and enjoyed the view.

This is where I got my Subic Bay coin bank! #touristy

After a while, we headed back to Dennis’s van and had tea break. Along the way, we had a few distractions though...

By the time we reached the van, we drank water like elephants and ate sandwiches like savages. Bread with kaya never tasted this good!

When everyone has settled down, we headed back to grandma’s place exhausted, tanned, sticky but HAPPY!

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  1. Wow, you have such beautiful photos in your blog! What camera do you use?

  2. Thanks Tany. It's an old DSLR Nikon D5000. =)