Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay

This is our 2nd part of the day. The first part was spent at Marina Bay Sands for the World Orchid Convention, click here for the post.

Jhon and I was exhausted but all WOC ticket holders get a sneak peak of the partially constructed Gardens by the Bay for free so how can we not go?

After a quick lunch, we took a shuttle bus instead of walking because it had started to rain. This also means we can't fully explore the place which is not THAT bad since we were really tired anyways.

We made a beeline to the Flower Dome and we were totally in awe. Immediately our fatigue disappeared as we entered what seemed to be another world.

The dome is like a greenhouse with a Mediterranean climate with plants from Mediterranean Basin, South West Australia, South Africa and Central Chile.

Never have I seen and surrounded by giant beautiful and sometimes suggestive cacti (see top left of 2nd photo)

It was really like a wonderland and I was half expecting for a sparkling fairly to flutter out of the trees.

Jhon and I was also amazed by the structural components of the dome. Do you know it is as big as 2.2 football fields?

An eagle overlooking the garden below.

Just looking at the photo refreshes me.

Moving along to the other part of the Flower Dome..

By the time we reach the lower part of the dome, it was evening and lights were switched on. The atmosphere changed immediately to a different and surreal environment.

One word I can describe it and it is magical.

By the time we were done, it was dark and we had to rush back to Marina Bay Sands to collect our 3 orchids and headed home.

We were super sticky with sore feet but it was all worth it. In fact, we can't wait for Gardens by the Bay to officially open on Mid 2012 so we can thoroughly explore the place. 

It is highly recommended to all nature and photography lovers!