Sentosa with the Tolentinos Day 1

Jhon's family (excluding Paul) were in Singapore for our wedding and stayed over for almost a week.

Thursday: Arrival and big family dinner
Friday: Last minute shopping
Saturday: Our wedding
Sunday: Unwinding at Abg's house
Monday - Tuesday: Staycation at Sentosa & Departure

My family didn't get to join us so it's just us. We figured we should have a touristy outing with the Tolentinos before they went back home to the Philippines. We wanted to take them to Sentosa and S.E.A Aquarium and since it will be a tiring day, we just booked rooms at Festive Hotel so we don't have to travel all the way to the East to retire.

We took the bus to Vivo for sightseeing reasons and ate at my favourite spot. Seah Im Food Centre.

Favourite stall that sells Nasi Goreng Black Pepper was closed though. Booo!

Of course, we took the cable car to Sentosa. Mama (chehcheh) is afraid of heights but she handled it well.

As soon as we reached Sentosa, we find our way to Festive Hotel which was further than I thought.

It was quite a distance to the location and I'm glad the family were up to it. There's plenty to see along the way anyways so it's not that bad.

Papa and his photo taking... lol He was supposed to pose with Mama.

As soon as we checked in, we settled down for a while and headed to S.E.A Aquarium. We didn't want to waste anytime since we had plans to explore a little more after that.

Err... You can't tell but we were standing on Philippines.

Papa was alive at the S.E.A Aquarium. He went full tourist mode, snapping photos here and there. There were times he left us behind because he was so engrossed. We were glad that we made the right decision because everyone was at awe and enjoyed their experience.

We didn't go to Universal Studios (maybe next time when Jayden is older) but it's a standard must have photo right?

Next stop, the Merlion. Jayden was tired and to think they didn't want to bring a stroller.

We went up the big Merlion. Got a gold doubloon as a souvenir.

This was also the time Jhon's camera battery died because he was confident that he didn't need to fully charge the camera. -_- We did continued sight seeing but mostly on the way back to the hotel. Too bad, all I had was poor quality photos. hur hur

So loving. The couple that made Jhon who is today. I am so grateful for them.

We had dinner at BaliThai. Since Mama is on a special diet, it's a little hard to find suitable food for her. She does not even have a big appetite even back in the Philippines but it's nice to see Papa and Loi enjoying every food we offered. It's good that they enjoyed Singapore cuisine or even food that is within Asia but not from Philippines.

There are food/snacks and even drinks they've been craving now that they're back in Philippines. After the entire outing, we headed back to the hotel all tuckered out.

It's also considered as Jhon and I's wedding night. It was sooo weird but more on that on another time.

The next day was departure day which I write on a another post.
I miss them already.


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