#zurjonweds Unwinding After the Wedding

Our wedding was on a Saturday which means Sunday was a rest day for all. We initially didn't have any plans. We figured we just rest until Monday which was Sentosa outing with Jhon's family. But Abang invited us to his house to relax and hang out in the swimming pool. How can we resist? At least Jhon's family does not feel so cooped up in the house.

We also had Syazan, Fizah and Matin to join us. hehe

I took more photos while everyone were at the pool and here they are.
[sorry for poor quality photos]

#nomakeup #palewoman

New best buddies!

Jayden just loves the water. It's his first time and he didn't want to stop even though he was getting cold.

Deeper pool.

Synchronized swimming attempt by the 3 crazies.

See, see.. melebih... lol But Alhamdulilah, our parents, especially these 2 have wonderful rapport sampai tahap annoying. I love you kesemuanya. InsyaAllah, this will maintain forever.

LOL. Sorry not sorry.

And that was the last quality time my family and Jhon's family had. It was truly nice to see everyone getting along and having fun. Everyone pretty much warmed up to each other since the first day they met.

Next meet up, definitely will be in Philippines. hehehehe


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