Sentosa with the Tolentinos Day 2

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My photographer got very lazy and didn't want to take photos that day. He didn't want to even take out the camera so I can take over. HMPH! But I understand, he just wanted to give his family his full undivided attention especially that it's their last day in Singapore.

We had our breakfast at Hard Rock Hotel which was meh.

We had already packed the night before so the morning was not that chaotic. We packed and cleared the last minute items, checked out and off we went back via MRT to home where their luggages were.

Oh, wait, we did visit Mak for a while for an official goodbye THEN they packed.

We took separate cabs to Changi Airport and arrived quite early so we explored the place. We even bought a few more stuff and Papa was saying we were over spending. =P He was advising me to save money and such but I giggled and told him, it's his son that need that advice. Plus, it's once in a while, we get to pamper them. Every year, we buy them Citra Lotion & Kwang Long medicated oil (as requested) and occasional sport shoes. Since they were with us, it's easier to make them choose, what shoes and clothes they really want.

We also killed time at the arcade.

Jalan-jalan some more. It's moments like these that I am grateful for Changi Airport. There's plenty of things to do and see unlike other airports besides shopping.

Before we knew it, it was time for them to head down to their gate and get ready for their departure. It's been a wonderful time having Pa, Ma, Loi and Jayden around. I hope they had feel welcomed and enjoyed every moment with us. For sure, we are going to miss them and their antics. I will be counting the days and saving up for us to visit them in Philippines. Hopefully, with my family. hehe

I love all of you and thank you again for accepting me to be part of your family since day one.
Mwah mwah!


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