Marmite, Win or Fail? (Giveaway + Contest)

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Aahhh... Marmite.

I don't know about you but the only thing I know about Marmite are those relating to Youtube challenges. 99% of them are always bad and almost torturous.

[Good Mythical Morning -The British Food Taste Test (w/Sorted Food)]

On Marmite's defence, we are not supposed to eat it by the spoonful's (although there are a small group of people who does). Like salt and pepper, we are to take only a small amount to taste. When I was informed I will receive not one but THREE bottles of Marmite. I knew it's going to be an interesting day.

You see their popular slogan since 1996 is "Love it or Hate it". That alone tells all and it's finally the day I find out which group I will be categorized in. But first let me share some titbits about Marmite.

◉  Marmite was invented by accident by a German scientist in the 19th century, Justus Liebig. He discovered brewer's yeast could be concentrated, bottled and eaten.
◉ The word marmite is French for an earthenware pot and in the past, the yeast extract was supplied in it. The picture of the pot has since been the logo of Marmite you see today since 1920.
◉ Despite the discovery in German, name from France, Marmite was founded in England.
◉ It's not only Halal certified but also 100% vegetarian.

◉ It is noted as superfood for it's high content of vitamin B & folic acid among other nutrients.
◉ It's so super that it was used as ration in World War I, treated a form of anaemia in Bombay AND malnutrition during the Malaria epidemic in Sri Lanka.
◉ There are so many ways to eat or use Marmite in food; from the basics of spreading thinly on bread, as a soup, chicken wings and many more.

The options to use Marmite are endless but since I am a newbie, I stuck to the basics.
I attempted a Marmite breakfast of Marmite-Butter toast & Marmite Cashews.

Firstly, I did smell and taste the Marmite as it is.
It looks like a runny version of Nutella so I can relate to Nutella-Marmite pranks. The first whiff I got reminded me a little of soy sauce or oyster sauce but a deeper breath proved otherwise. The taste was savoury, supposedly salty but I don't taste that for some apparent reason with a touch of bitterness. It's definitely an acquired taste.

Firstly, I made the Marmite-Butter toast where I spread a layer of butter on a toasted bread and then a thin layer of marmite on top.

I also tried to do Marmite Cashews. You can do from scratch, pan fry the cashews, coat it with 1:1 teaspoon of marmite and water and bake it in the oven. The cashews I had were already roasted and we didn't have an oven at my new home. So I just pan fried the cashews with the marmite & water mixture.

How does it taste like served with food?

I'm sorry, not a fan. That would be the first and last time I eat Marmite unless someone else can cook it well enough to convince me. I did taste it with an open mind without any expectations. I ate bugs in Thailand and balut in Philippines, okay? I didn't enjoy it. 

Naturally, I let Jhon tried it too and his reaction was the opposite. In fact, he finished the Marmite coated cashews. He said he liked it and found it edible enough.

So I supposed it's a fail for me and a win for Jhon. At least I have someone who can finish the Marmite that I received. haha

You can get your hands on your own bottle of Marmite at any supermarkets or stores near you at 115g bottle at S$3.69, 230g bottle at S$6.47, 470g bottle at S$12.33.

I know, I know...
What if you hate it right? Waste money only.

Good news, readers!
Head down to here to redeem your FREE cute Marmite 70g bottle sample!
(sample launches on 8th August 2016).

Not only that, there will be a #MyMarmiteMyWay review contest on Sample Store.
After redeeming your free sample, share in their Sample Store review your personal experience on how they enjoyed their Marmite free sample e.g. mix in porridge, soup, toast or cooking. 3 winners to each win 3 different sized bottles. Winners to be announced on Sample Store Instagram & Facebook page. Contest ends 30th September 2016.


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