Pre/ Post Wedding Photoshoot?

It’s funny how only after I am done with my pre-wedding photoshoot was when I realized I never even considered it as an issue to whether to do a pre or post wedding photoshoot. The thing is, it could be something to actually consider for some couples.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

By having a photoshoot before your wedding, you can have a print out and showcase it on your wedding day. It’s also an opportunity to practice posing and smiling for the official day. Who is Team Kekok like us? Haha Photoshoots are actually fun so it’s nice to take a break from all that wedding stress.

With that said, pre-wedding photoshoot may be a little difficult because since there would be touchy-feely, nose to nose poses and it’s considered Haram. I know right? To the majority of the couples, “Oh, pimpin tangan, dating sampai malam-malam tak Haram!” hahaha Obviously, this caters to those who are more obliged to proper Islamic dating etiquette unlike us naughty couples.

Post-Wedding Photoshoot

If you do have henna during your wedding, your post-wedding photoshoot will have pictures of you having your henna too! At least you get your money’s worth with all the intricate and sometimes costly henna. Since by now you are a married couple, it’s okay to be touchy-feely, hugging and such. Dah Halal pe… You also get to drag that wedding glow and feeling even after getting married.
You may get a photoshoot immediately after your wedding event or days after your wedding depending on your preference.

Despite it all, to some couples, all they want to do after their wedding is go for their honeymoon and officially start their married life. They don’t want to deal with more wedding related stuff plus, tired. At least that’s our thinking process.

Since we are on the topic of photoshoots, there also different types of photoshoots.
Some might prefer the old school type of playing dress up with the types of traditional outfits depending on your roots like Jhon and I did. While the popular trend, mostly for the younger generation, prefers a more laid back one with casual outfits with sometimes fun themes.

While some, don’t even have wedding photoshoot at all because budget or simply not interested which is fine too.

First pre wedding shoot for 2016
Posted by invogue photography on Monday, January 4, 2016

Jhon and I opt for a pre-wedding photoshoot because we think it would be nice to able to display a nice official photo at our wedding and we rather have it all done before the wedding because we just want to rest, have our honeymoon and start our new chapter of life.



  1. Hi,

    Can I just say how helpful your blog has been for me? It is really detailed and wonderful, and I am really glad that you kept such good notes of your process.. Congratulations on your new niece, and I wish you all the best!

    - Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah. Thank you so much for your compliments and appreciation. I'm glad my blog has been useful to you and not boring at all. hehe

      Thank you again and all the best to you too! =)

  2. Hi Zura,

    It started with my search for kad kawin in jb when I stumbled upon ur blog.. It is so interesting that I kept reading and reading.. hehe.. keep it up babe! And I so love BOTH ur wedding shoes! When's ur big day? Mine's on Dec 2016 InsyaAllah

    Anyway regarding the pre/post pics.. I had that dilemma too of what ppl will say if I took pre wedding pics but I sooo wanna have a pic of us on wedding day! Sooo still thinking abt it hehe


    1. Hi Shida, Thank you so much, I am deeply humbled by your compliments. hehe I love both of my shoes too! =P My wedding is on 23 April 2016. It's just in about 2 months! O_O

      I am not sure what type of photo shoot you wish to have (traditional with traditional outfits or casual modern). Either way, if you are worried about being too touchy feel-y while posing you can tell your photographer. Simple poses will do.

      What is important is that smile on your faces and natural posing. =)