Baju Kurung Perempuan Yang Berseluar

[Women's Malay traditional outfit with pants]

That's what I saw on FB the other day. A commotion of a wedded couple who wore this on their wedding day. The lady wore pants instead of a long skirt.

[Source: Oh! Media]

The wedding outfit designer was by Rizman Ruzaini. I could be wrong but I think the groom is his brother.

Commotion No.1: 
How come wear hipster fashion and wear pants instead of the 'traditional' long skirt? Where's the culture?

It's actually an official traditional outfit in Perak only tailored to a modern twist.


Commotion No. 2:
She wears Hijab but her pants are so tight fitted and a little short (exposed ankles).

No doubt Islam is very clear, even in terms of modesty. But since I don't wear Hijab nor is even near perfect and even if I do, I don't see myself or anyone else have the right to outright shame and preach.

With that said, with the slight adjustments on the pants (I personally don't wear tight pants/leggings anyways) I find the outfit cool and nice leh! I like it so much maybe I should consider tailoring for Hari Raya. haha Amacam? Then nak jalan senang, duduk pun senang.

If Versari Ade have this outfit, I want to wear also even though I don't have any Malaysian or Perak blood. haha Check this design by Syomir Izwa for Malaysia's outfit for Miss Universe 2013.
I loike!



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