Swallowing My Words

Way back in 2015, I had wrote "To hashtag or to not hashtag. That is the question." I had concluded and declared that I will not have a wedding hashtag because I think it's mainly for socially popular accounts and/or has guests who are very active in Instagram. Jhon and I are neither.

Well, as the day got closer to my wedding date, I found myself posting just a tad more wedding related pictures on my Instagram. There's when I figured, hey, why not just do a hashtag to log our wedding stuff together so I am just a click away to reminisce to our wedding planning/day in years to come?

Sure, I have a more in depth log in my blog but even I have my short attention spans moments and don't want to read.

So.... yea... we got a wedding hashtag after all.

Zura + Jhon = Zurjon

Actually, Jhon has been actively using this nickname ever since we were together; 8 years ago. So I guess, no harm no foul. 

Itu je, I want to report. haha


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