80 Days Wedding Countdown (Our vendors list)

Like I wrote in my previous 1 year countdown, countdowns may be a little corny but it helps to check your progress.

So now at the 80 day mark, here's my vendors list.

✔ Marriage Preparation Course: SPMC
Tok Kadi: Kadi Hassan Bin Salim
Venue: Void Deck

✔ Andaman Services: Versari Ade
✔ Decor: Wed'Inc Petals
  Caterer: Nurie Creations
✔ Wedding Cake: Pulut Affairs
✔ DJ/ Emcee: Dann's Entertainment
✔ Kompang: Kompang Al-Falah
✔ Event Photographer: Invogue Photography
✔ Videographer: VideoSmith

✔ Outdoor/ Indoor Photoshoot: Versari Ade & Invogue Photography
 Invitation Cards: Kad Kahwin Cun
 Berkat: Glass Bowls from Chia Heng
  Dulang Hantaran & Sireh Dara: Gubahan Cinta
 Bunga Pahar: Syarikat Thong Seng
 Bridal Bouqet & Sireh Lat-lat: Maybe Versari Ade, maybe DIY

✘ Bunga Rampai: Almost done (Done!)
 Bunga Manggar
Henna: Testing colour stains (see here!)
✘ Bridal Room: No formal bridal room, so just make the room proper for dressing up. 
(our Nikah is downstairs)
Directional signs


✔ Wedding Rings
Wedding Gifts

Errr... besides the smaller details, I think we are pretty much set. We are left with DIY stuff which are easily made and vendor appointments!


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