New Member of the Family!!!!11!

Introducing my sister's daugther, Nadia Aqilah.

She was born through caesarian on 1st February 2016. Ideally, I would take news like this top priority but for some reason, I was told not to post until a period of time.

But here she is at 2.36 kg.

With her Omah.

Face palm or shy?

With Tito Jhon.

As I posting this, she is slightly over 1 week old and I got her a Carebear teddy. I had a pink one when I was a wee little girl too. I actually had a little squabble with Jhon because he wanted to get a bigger one, a long side a gigantic teddy AND a barbie doll. -_-

Tell me how am I suppose to deal if ever have our own baby? 

Anyways, Welcome to the world, Nadia Aqilah, may you grow up to be a smart, good and all the awesome things in life. 


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