Birthday by the Pool + Vlog

Hello, readers! I know it seems that I have been slacking with my posts but reassured, I am still updating it's just that I'm either busy, got myself feeling sickly or just no mood.

Anyways, in early October, Kak Yana hosted an advanced birthday party for Shibly but since there were plenty of October babies within her family/friends, she decided to cramp it all together. I'm not going to complain because who can say no to BBQ food? If there were no additional guests, I would've joined the kids into the pool too.

We had something similar for Syihab's birthday but we started quite late in the evening. It felt so rushed.

Nothing much to write so here comes the photo vomit!

A good amount of the vlog footage was from the kids. Especially from Abg Farkhan's kids.

Thanks again to Abg and Kak Yana for the lovely party. We had fun eating. hehe Sorry if the photos were less than ideal because for the first time, I had to be the camerawoman and videographer at the same time.


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