Cambodia, Day 6: Heading home

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There were no photos or videos taken on this day. We just had breakfast, checked out and waited for Mr Phat Sok, a driver that we personally hired before coming to Cambodia. As I mentioned in the previous post, our main itinerary was only 4 Days long but we wanted to extend it an extra day.

Because of this, we extended and moved to a chalet and got ourselves a driver to send us to Phnom Penh airport. To be honest, I was a little stressed while outsourcing a driver. Majority of them would cost us 200USD so I was so happy to find Mr Phat Sok's website, I know right? the website address is so direct and his charged us only 65USD for a car which includes petrol and such.

I highly recommend Mr Phat Sok for anyone who needs a driver in Cambodia. He is friendly, nice and an expert driver. He also provide tour services besides airport transfers using motorbikes, tuk-tuk, cars, vans and even buses.

Anyways, the route to Phnom Penh airport was pretty similar to our journey on Day 3, only reversed with the same pit stops. The only difference was I took a nap half of the journey. Have you ever had the feeling of being active amidst of things but it's when you are going home then you truly feel how tired your are? Well, that's me all the time.

Our flight was at 3:15pm and it was all smooth sailing.

Knowing that Cambodia is one of the most uncommon honeymoon destinations, we had no regrets whatsoever. Perhaps it was not number 1 on our preferred list but it has always been in our travelling list. We got a taste of the local life, learn their culture & religion, see their beautiful architecture and not to mention their under rated beaches.

It took me 6 months to officially finish this series and I just can't wait to travel again with Jhon. We both had wonderful time and glad to know that we can go anywhere and deal with anything as long as we are together.

For those who have been following us with our trip via reading and/or watching our vlogs, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek.


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