Silo At Pulau Damar Laut

My company recently conducted a learning trip to other construction sites done by fellow subsidiaries. It had started months ago but mostly overseas so there was a selected group but this time, since it’s in Singapore, the company was more generous. It was opened to whoever was interested.

What is a silo? It is an enormous container for storage like sugar and flour; for this case, its cement. Jhon was the draughtsperson who did the post tensioning for this project.

Along with 8 other people, we headed to Jurong Port to make our pass so we can enter Pulau Damar Laut. It was fairly fast. It’s just that there were 8 of us so it took some time. We were lucky that the day was cloudy unlike the day before and the previous group kept complaining about the heat.

The project site was small compared to the projects I dealt with because it was after all, just a silo when I handled projects like tunnels. Since we had 3 guys from BCA with us, the Project Manager and Project Co-ordinator had to do a PowerPoint presentation which covers need to know basis and challenges faces on the project.

This is an opening for so that trucks can enter and exit for construction purposes and after the project’s completion, loading and unloading of cement.

The weather was perfect for picture taking.

I swear this is the first time I do self shots at site, especially with people around. I guess I was in a good mood. Haha

The silo was at 32m in height at that day. The team tried to achieve 2.2m everyday and it’s a 24HR job.

Rebars and the aluminium looking tube is post-tensioning works.

Attempt at panorama shot.

There were plenty of group photos taken with everyone’s cameras but mine. I didn’t bother since it would be the same but after a week; no one has yet passed me a copy. Oh well!

We left at 1:30pm and reached the office at 5:10pm. I had no mood to continue to work and it was a good it was Friday. I spent the last office hour doing random stuff. Shhh! Overall, it was an interesting visit.


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