Divine Twenty Nine

I can’t deny when reality struck that I am 29 years old, I felt a pinch of anxiety and fear. I usually do not feel this way every year but this year I did. It was a new kind of feeling. Although it was just a number, society does put pressure on it especially on what I have accomplished as a woman.

Personally and emotionally, I do not feel like I am 29. I still spend my days watching cartoons and pretty much like to behave childish when the time fits. But suddenly the number 29 appears in front of my face.

Most of my lady friends by now have been married for minimum 2 years and lately, a few of them are welcoming or has recently welcomed their 2nd child. Especially in the Malay community, if you are an unmarried 29 year old lady, there is something wrong with you.

Hahaha There is nothing wrong with me, hokay? I guess my previous failed 5 year relationship kinda set me back and here I am, going for another 5 year relationship with the best man I could ever asked for. I am very patient when it comes to relationships and letting fate flow at its own pace plus, my maternal instincts or ‘gatal nak kahwin’ (itchy to get married) mood comes in very late, as in only late last year. haha

I suppose it’s not that bad. At least I am in a stable and long term relationship and in the works of making everything official in the eyes of the law and God. *wink wink* I am definitely grateful for that.

Of course, I am grateful for my health, home, work and family although it has its holes.

Perhaps it’s not THAT bad. As long as I am not ignorant with the choices I make in life, I am pretty sure I will be alright. The only thing I pray and hope for is a smooth journey ahead.


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