The Battle of the Best Pantun & Tarian Majika Competition 2013

Fwar! Sound so grand right?

Shibly was selected by his teachers to participate in a Malay poem and performance competition between all districts of Al-Iman Kindergarten.

It was held in Singapore Expo, Hall 6 which was showcasing the Fiesta Pengantin Perdana exhibition. I know! Mak Su and Uncle Jhon also can sneak peak at wedding stuff. Hahaha The completion started at 9am, way before the main exhibition officially opens so the place was filled with only teachers, parents, children and supporters.

As I saw the kids got ready with their costumes, I could tell which district was much more serious and ‘gung ho’ about the competition. Some of them really went all out while some went simple; Shibly’s district was one of them.

[Shibly is at the far left]

After a while, I found out Shibly’s district was only informed 1 week before competition day that they have to participate! That was too little time for 5-6 year olds to practice and prepare proper props and costumes!!

Too bad they had problems with the microphone after the first performance. We could barely hear the kid’s voices. It was such a shame. Everyone was so cute, prepared or not.

Nonetheless, I still find their performance was well done. It was not polished as others but it was entertaining. His group’s performance was about a butterfly that was boastful and didn't want to make friends with the flies. One day, the butterfly was caught in a spider web. The flies contemplated if they should help despite of the butterfly’s character but in turn they did. Moral of story, don’t be stuck up and make friends because you will never know when you will need their help.

As for the other group, wah!! Nice costumes, props and some of them dance the traditional Malay dance so well! AMAZED! Confirm got a lot of time to practice.

Of course, Shibly’s group won consolation price and got a badge. We were proud of him anyways because he was not shy despite not being confident with the dance steps. He was engaging with everyone and host.

Towards the end of the competition, the children were asked to recite doa and recitations from the Kitab. It was cute and wonderful to hear them recite word for word. Many adults don’t even know doa or memorize Ayat Kursi.

Anyways, the family had to separate soon after the completion because bro had to rush to work and mom wants to shop at the expo. She was sad because she thought we would go out together and thought we had to go home. I told her we don’t have to end the day just yet. Jhon, her and I can always go out on our own.

Silly mommy.

All I can say, Shibly was happy, family was proud and Mak was satisdfied. YEY!


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