Weekend Getaway to Desaru – Day 2

We had a wonderful sleep except for Jhon because well, he never can fully sleep when it’s not his home. I think he is a watch dog in his previous life; always on guard.

We had the day all to ourselves so we took our time and headed for breakfast. The spread was okay though I was upset there was no omelette. How can a breakfast buffet not have omelette?! They only have boiled eggs. Hmph.

With filled tummies, we headed to the beach. As we approached the coastline, we could hear the thunderous waves and when we reached it, I went FWAR!!! The waves looked scary! It was not exactly a picture perfect coast line because the waters were ‘teh tarik’ brown but the waves did made up for it.

See the picture on the bottom? I was jumping over the waves (something I always do with waves) and didn’t realize Jhon was waiting patiently for me to jump and capture it.

The breeze was great but the sun was yet again merciless. We got an immediate tan although we had loads of lotion and were under a shade. In addition of enjoying the breeze, my mom, being her motherly self, was stressed because parents would let their toddlers and young children play at the coastline without supervision. Even adults fall down as the waves crashed into them, how about kids?

I told her, don’t be so stressed. We are here to relax and relax she did. We enjoyed the scenery in silence for a while and suddenly she kept ordering me to pose at the tree. Hahaha

I walked around the area for a while and found a tree stump. What did I do with it? Click here for the story.

After the beach, we went to the pool near our room and soaked to cool down. And you know how we can NEVER sit at a pool without having the NEED to jump in.

At that time, it was 2 hours to 12pm which was supposedly check-out time. But mom didn’t want to soak for just 20-30 minutes. So I checked at the counter for the rates for extended stay and it turned out we have till 2pm before they charge us!

Mom was obviously ecstatic and we enjoyed the pool. My mom was so naughty. She kept splashing us, mostly on Jhon. haaha

After tanning for the 2nd time, we headed back to our room and had lunch before checking out. We had about 1 hour more before the bus arrives so I went to the front where there were parrots!

Journey home was a little irritating but there is a HUGE possibility the reason I was agitated was because I had my period. Yes. Right on the dot (pun not intended), after the swim at the pool.

We arrived Singapore at about 5pm and took a cab home. We were tired but satisfied and I teased my mom saying that it was the first time we went to Malaysia and not go for a shopping spree. Haha my mom is a shopping freak.

All I can say that we are happy and on that same night, mom was asking me to plan another trip, perhaps to Langkawi. Here we go again….



  1. Replies
    1. Yes, they were really nice, despite of the brownish color. hehe

  2. Beautiful photos... I'm inspired to go for a break. I miss the beach!

    1. Thank you. Go when you can! I am itching for another break. =)