Indulgence’s 2nd Anniversary at Avalon

We were invited to Indulgence’s 2nd Anniversary at AVALON over the weekend and being the clubbing noob that I am, I am rather excited because AVALON is the most high end club I have ever been to. 

The party starts at 9pm so Jhon, Fizah and I met up at 9pm at Marina Bay Sands. I know it was technically early because usually people arrive late so we ended up coming in at 10pm. 

Made a quick and probably squeaky call to Yan and met him near the entrance, welcoming people in. He looked smart and good but obviously tired. He is like Jhon; forever looking tired. =p 
(note there is no picture of Jhon because he looks super shagged)

Well, apparently 10pm was still very early because the dance floor was empty. Bwahaha Fortunately, we were the VIPs (thanks to Yan) so we managed to lounge with the small crowd at the Mezzanine Lounge. At 11pm+ the crowd slowly came into the VIP room so we decided to go out since we were not feeling the vibe of the music in there. 

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We just hanged out outside, still at the 2nd storey and watch the crowds creep in while enjoying the music. I really love the place; I would say the best clubbing spot I ever went to albeit I have not been to many. Oh yeah, perfect view to spot and judge people. =P 

By 12am, the place was filling up fast and I was grooving to the music. With the 3 of us, it was a like a groove meter. To my left, Jhon was enjoying the music but wants to chill because he had an exhausting week. To my right, Fizah was eager to get to the dance floor. Me, I am neutral, I was moving to the beats but not really keen getting to the dance floor. Shy lah! 

We ended up staying till 1am+ because Jhon’s body could not take it anymore. Fizah well, I could see the disappointment on her face. Well, I did warn what could happen. I guess this always happens when you go out with one who prefers to chill and one prefers to dance the night away. You guys really put me in a spot HOKAY!? 

Besides that, I really enjoyed the atmosphere. A lot of people who likes to simply enjoy good music as opposed to getting drink, drank, drunk. It is because I had my experiences, where by 10pm, people are already tipsy. -_- 

Let me tell you a secret….

 I actually don’t mind going to AVALON again! FWAR! We just need to get past that funny look the bartenders/waiters give us when we ask for a non-alcoholic drink. Haha Pretend both of us are designated driver lah! lol

Anyways, congratulations Indulgence for their 2nd year and all the best in years to come! Wohoo!



  1. Nice outing to a happening place with all the fun. Brings back memories of my days going out partying but now I think I had enough and more of small gathering with some drinks thrown in.

    1. It's not my usual scene but I know what you mean, as people get older, what seems fun is mellowed down.

  2. heard the place very small, haven't been there yet. Maybe gonna drop by this July when I'm back :p