Certified First Aider

Guess who is a certified first aider now?

Not me but Jhon!

He has been going to classes for the past few weeks, took a test on Wednesday and passed with flying colors.

I am proud of him because he has to ‘make out’ with a dummy. (Jhon has an irrational fear of mannequins). He survived although it does not mean he has overcome his fear. I don’t blame him though, some mannequins are so freaking scary that sometimes it creeps ME out.

Now, whenever someone is injured, he can be a hero. He is pretty cocky (in a joking manner) too. Whenever I hurt myself (which happens a lot) he will go with his ‘superhero’ voice “I CAN HELP YOU! I AM A CERTIFIED FIRST AIDER!!” *flaunts card*

Haha I just let him bask in his achievement. Congratulations Jhon! Hopefully, your first experience is not with a saggy auntie or uncle with no teeth! =P


  1. so you are from s'pore? hehe

    1. Yes, I'm from Singapore and boyfriend is from Philippines. hehe

  2. Very great achievement and you should be proud of him all the way. Nevermine about being a little bit cocky at times.