Balut in 1 Month's Time

The time has come, after 4.5years of relationship; I am finally going to visit my boyfriend’s home town, Pasig, Philippines. 

Jhon’s family has been asking for me and since he has been asked to be a best man for his cousin’s wedding on April, I was invited. 

I am nervous and excited at the same time. I am mostly nervous because not only I am meeting his family for the first time, I am also meeting his grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends at one swoop! I am already socially awkward as it is so this is rather nerve wrecking. It is also will be interesting to experience a filipino wedding and you know.. maybe take a few notes. =P

Other than that, I am excited because this will be my first 5 day holiday trip and without my family or even FIZAH! Obviously, my first trip to Philippines AND I will attempt to eat BALUT. 

It is one of Philippines’ exotic foods which is a boiled pre-developed duck’s egg. Luckily, the type of balut that Filipinos eat is not almost fully developed eggs where you can find feathers, bones, beaks etc. They usually eat Penoy balut where it is less developed but that does not mean it is less gross. 

So exactly 1 month to go! I got to start buying some gifts for his family (customary when meeting future-in-laws- lol), get mentally ready for Philippines and what it may bring!