John Butler Trio Live in Singapore

To tell you to the truth, I only knew about John Butler Trio last month. It was Jhon who introduced them to me.

He was also a new fan when he came across them months ago via YouTube. In fact, he didn’t even know that they will be performing in Singapore in conjunction of MOSIAC until we walked towards Esplanade for the Kumar’s Amazing Race show. When he saw the poster, he exclaimed in delight asking me to check the details and see if we could go.

The next day, I looked up John Butler on YouTube and the first song that I came across was this. I think his only instrumental song, Ocean.

My heart strings were strummed and it could be hard to believe but there’s something song that made me teary eyed in a good way. Not only that, they had other great songs too so no doubt, I am keen too.

The concert was on a weekday so we had to rush after work and had cupcorn for dinner.

YUMMY golden goodness.The concert hall was mostly filled with Australians who reside in Singapore and I would say they were quite a fun bunch although it took a while for them to warm up at first.

We got seats at Circle 2 which means it was at level 2 and it was a great view because it was an aerial view of the band. You can truly appreciate every band member especially the drummer. FUWAR!

That’s all I can say. =) John Butler Trio’s performance was fantastic! There were minor hiccups on the guitar which John would admit and went crazy self conscious about it by asking for our opinion.

The atmosphere was good too, up close and personal with people who just want to hear feel good music. He did play Ocean but it was a different rendition but it was still beautiful. Who would’ve thought a 12 string guitar would be so freaking awesome? Maybe I was just ignorant. Well, I am not now!

After the concert, there was a 30 minute autograph session and boy, there was a long queue. We didn’t join the queue but managed to sneak some pictures of the band.

Jhon and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and it was worth every dollar.

Oh yeah, and since one of MOSIAC's sponsors was NTUC fairprice, guess what we got!?

A small bag with 4 packets of CAFE21 coffee and a notebook and with my charm, the auntie gave me 6 of them. haha Okaylah, I didn't use any charm at all, I jokingly told Jhon I want to steal bag filled with the packets and the auntie who heard me gave us 4 when we already had 2. sighs.. I know, I am so Singaporean.


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