Are you sure it’s for freee?

I got home yesterday and was eagerly shown a new exercise machine in the living room.

It was a stepping machine; I suppose to mimic stairs climbing. I was exhausted from work but my sis made me try it out. I didn’t complain because part of me wanted to try it out.

It’s like any stepping machine but it has a remote for adjustment of speed and time with cords at the side meant to be pulled for additional exercise on the arms. Oh, and it’s from OSIM.

I only lasted 1-2 minutes before my knees start to burn; a big sign of lacking of exercise but I can definitely see myself using this. Perhaps on the weeks I don’t can’t do my exercise, I can make it up with this.

I later found out (while frantically trying to keep up with the highest speed that my loving sis has set) that it was given to Abang Awil for free by his boss.

The same boss who likes to ask for odd work favours from him so when he said for free with no strings attached, my mom, sis and I unanimously said…

“Free… Sureeeeeee”



  1. Hi there, which part of Singapore are u?

  2. Hi Shah! I live in the eastern part of Singapore =)