World Orchid Convention 2011

For the whole of last week, there was a World Orchid Convention at Marina Bay Sands. Jhon and I managed to catch it on the last day and it was one of the most tiring day we ever had. Not only we went to the WOC, we also went to Gardens by the Bay because anyone with a WOC will get a sneak preview.

It was the perfect place for Jhon to practice more on his shots and me surrounded by my 2nd favourite flower, Orchids. There were old, new and exotic orchids and I simply went crazy. I kept leaving Jhon behind and looked like a crazed woman in every picture I was in.

Time for the pictures overload...

Sometimes it was hard to take photo because people are so mesmerized with the orchids that they don't realized someone is trying to take photo and they simply walk by. Why am I backing them up??! There were rude people!! Luckily there were some who were nice enough to give us space and 1 dude actually controlled the crowed for us. Thanks dude!

There were prized orchids and displays won from students to professionals.

Love love love!

I really love this display. It's an orchid made of orchids.


There was display of small glass bottles with a little garden inside. It's cute and I want one!

They also have a section of the infamous pitcher plants (a plant that eat insects). I have never seen them up close with so much variety. The pitcher plant on the bottom right corner has been even reported to eat small rodents!!

Back to less scary plants...

After the exploring the entire place, we went to the section where people sells orchids. Every stall was crowded regardless of price. They ranged from $5 to $200! As expected, aunties swarmed for the $5 orchids where were beautiful but they were fully bloomed.

Of course, Jhon and I had fallen so much in love with the orchids that we could not resist our temptation to get one. We bought the $9 ones which I love! Jhon bought 2 purple orchids for Abg Jamil and I got 1 white-purple orchid for Mak.

We took a quick lunch, rested our tired feet (we spent est. 5 hours at the convention) and headed with our complimentary pass to Gardens by the Bay. I shall put it up in another new blog post because there were way too many pictures.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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