My Bestfriend's Sister's Wedding

Fizah's sister, Fazilah wedded on the infamous date, 11.11.11.

It's like just yesterday that she followed us to the airport to "study" or that we went to watch a boyband at HMV and now... she is married.

Jhon was asked to record a video of the ceremony and the noob me had to handle the photography. So yup, quality is not up to par. =P It's for myself and blog anyways so bluek!

Jhon and I came early as per normal so we had plenty of time to eat and chill before the solemnisation starts. It also meant taking photo with Fizah and it was pretty much of a fail because we kept slouching so I told Fizah that we should pose like 'minah mentel' or a flirty woman. This is the outcome.

This is the most flirty pose we managed to do and look at my hand! Talk about stiff and awkward! You should have seen my foot, it was uber stiff and retarded. lol

But I digress.

Fazilah looked sweet and I like her choices of outfits.

The solemnisation went smooth and quick. What was unexpected was Yan (the groom) got teary eyed as the 'tok kadi' recited his advice his duties as a married man. I barely knew Yan but one thing I know, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Zilah with Fizah and her mom before the exchange of rings.

First kiss as a married couple. Awww..

The  new family.

Obligatory shot with the bride and groom.

They eventually changed to their second outfit and we didn't even noticed that the bride, groom and photographer had went down! Before rushing down, we managed to 'borrow' their back drop for a quick shot. hahah Terrible hor?

I really love their second outfit. I guess what made it beautiful was the flow of fresh flowers on her head gear.

Congratulations Zilah and Yan!



  1. wow... more a less indonesian wedding is same like malaysian
    nice photos!

  2. Thank you, Diana. =) We are malays afterall. =)