Birthday Celebration with the Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia

Jhon turned 29 on the 29th of October! He was a little bummed about it and kept saying that in 2 years time, his age won't be on the calendar anymore. =P

We started the day with a birthday breakfast at McDonald's and I gave him my presents when we reached under my block.

I actually bought the Nike shoes 1 month ago with him and told him I will only give him on his birthday. As for the Cure cleanser and CKin2U, it was random last minute gifts. Believe it or not, he always wanted to buy the Cure cleanser. hehe

We didn't go out again until 4pm because Jhon wanted rest in the afternoon. Poor guy has been tired from working hard the past few days.

We headed out to Marina Bay Sands for an early dinner. We specifically wanted to dine at the food court and to eat at an Indonesian stall like we did before when we watched Lion King. Unfortunately, the store closed so we ate Nasi Padang instead.

We had a few hours to kill before meeting up with Fizah at Esplanade so we roamed about the area. I initially thought of taking the gondola ride there for fun since we will never know if we will ever go to Italy for a real gondola ride. heheh

Well, it was an utter disappointment. It's not that I expect a brilliant ride in the first place but it was really pathetic. $10 for a 100m ride. 'Nuff said.

We ended up sitting in front of the Science Museum and took some pictures. I'm using my new camera (random gift by Jhon months ago) and although I was VERY apprehensive about the camera. But after getting the hang of it's features, I am starting to love it!

So we finally met up with Fizah at Esplanade for Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia 2!!!

We tend to listen and sometimes watch stand up comedy at work to release stress and this is the first time we watch stand up comedy live. What a way to do it for the first time other than watching probably the best comedians in Asia!

We laughed until we coughed, slapped our knees, cried and had stomach cramps. It was definitely a completely athmosphere change compared to stiffing our laughter in the office. I would like to thank that lady who wore a full blown Smurfette costume and sat in the front row. No doubt, she was one of the comic relief for every comedian that night.

By the time the show ended, all of us were famished and slightly cranky. So we had a quick supper and headed home.

Thanks Fizah for coming with us, we were happy that you get to come along and share the experience with us and Happy Birthday, mahal ko! I hope you had enjoyed your birthday with me. ;)


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