My Bestfriend's Sister's Wedding II

To read about the Solemnization, click here!

It's hard to say that Fazilah's wedding was an officially 3 day affair. Their solemnization was on a Friday and wedding ceremony on Sunday but they have some light dinner on Saturday for those who can't make it on Sunday.

Jhon and I didn't come for the Saturday affair because it was a relaxed day and we knew it was going to be a loooong day on Sunday.

I find the deco bold and beautiful. If you tell me verbally to choose RED, YELLOW and BLACK, I would give you a doubtful stare for my lack of adventure in style but I love it! It was impressive that Fazilah had an Indonesian themed deco too instead of just her outfit.

The procession was basic with a group (or is it troupe?) of  men hitting their 'kopang' with 2 'gantries'.

After photo taking with friends and family, the bride and groom headed to the Yan's house which happens to be 2 blocks behind Jhon's.

Imagine travelling from Kaki Bukit to Yishun to Kaki Bukit to Yishun and Kaki Bukit again. Confused?

Yan's deco was simple like any groom's deco usually do but I got to admit I can't stand the spotlight from underneath. Halfway through the ceremony, it started to rain cats and dogs and by the time the bride and groom have to leave, it rained like a typhoon.

luckily, everything still went smoothly despite of the rain and time management, guess who was singing when we got back to Yishun? The mother of the bride. hehe

By this time, it was a tad chaotic but in an understandable way, I guess. One thing for sure, I admired the bride and groom because they were constantly lost in their own world, joking around and laughing while everyone around them were tired and stressed. haha

I wish them to uphold that happiness as long as they shall live, no matter what.



  1. singaporean love to sing rite?
    sampai ada yang bawak cd sendiri

  2. Yes, they do even those who clearly can't sing will sing.
    But so far I have not encounter with anyone who bawak CD sendiri.. haha