Love & White Posies at Downtown East

When I saw Versari Ade's Facebook that they will be having a bridal runway show on November 1st, I was ecstatic! After checking with Jhon, I RSVP immediately! How can we miss out seeing Versari Ade's new collection, Embun 2 among others up close. At least, if we see any ones that we liked, we won't be so stressed on outfit choosing day.

Love & White Posies was actually hosted by SID events and had other vendors participated.
There were vendors for cards, wedding favors, photography, videography, photobooths, flower bouquets, wedding cakes, DJ, kompang, caterer, candy corner, churros corner and even meat carving station!!

Vendors not stated above are Marvelicious by MCL and Tigafolks & Co.

Jhon and I had breakfast at Downtown east and hang around for a while before heading to the pavilion. We entered about 12+pm where we had 2 bottles of water and a door gift from Fazz Urban Farm. Which by the way, I've tasted their Mocha, Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate (all in the gift box) thus far and it's yummy if you don't like the strong taste of coffee like me.

The place looked fantastic; simple yet grand. It's what SID Events do best and are known for. In terms of location, I would totally recommend this place if it fits your budget.

We checked out the area and kaypo on vendors that we haven't booked. Who knows if it goes below our budget, we can just book. hehe Anyways, we saw Kak Ida from Versari Ade or should I say, she saw us first! This lady is amazing. She not only remember us but also remember our appointments and all when we hardly could remember. To think she had to handle hundreds and thousands of clients. She was welcoming as always. We giggled here and there. I am looking forward for our fitting with her this December.

After making our rounds, we sat to get ready for the runway. At first, we sat on the 2nd row but since the place was not packed yet, the DJ from Aidi Abas Entertainment requested us to move forward. Haiyah.. paiseh but auntie side of me wants to have great view. 

The show started with a 'bedek' bride and groom entrance wearing Versari Ade's outfits and a performance of Artiste Seni Budaya. Sighs... if not for budget, I would love to have at least dancers to lead us. 

 [lol blue spotlight make the dancers look like hantu]

Anyways, the runaway consists of 4 segments with a performance in between. 
I hope I segmented the outfits correctly. Click the picture to enlarge.

Solemnization Outfits (Embun 2)

Event Wear

After event wear, there was another performance from Artise Seni Budaya. It made me happy and look forward to my own wedding even though my wedding don't have such performances. haha I guess 'ada feeling-feeling'. Proof that we enjoyed it, forgot to take pictures. So I put picture of their performance at the beginning. =D

Evening Wear

Western Wear

Yes, there were several Jhon and I have aimed. 'Lawa!' At least in our eyes. hehe I can't wait to try them on and hopefully it fits me well. 

Sure there were hiccups such as one of dancers accidentally dropped their props, improper timing as when the models do the runaway but everything was professionally handled.

After the runway, there was food tasting. We didn't try the main food (nasi briyan and such) but only their desserts from Marvelicious by MLC. Their desserts were on point! Jhon and I tried roast beef and seafood aglio from Tigafolks. Their roast beef was perfect and delectable and I am still craving for them even until now. As for their aglio, it was delicious too but unless you love chili padi, it might be too a little spicy to some. 

Jhon and I tried churros for the first time (late bloomers lol) from Zulos and we still don't understand the hype. The taste was good but I guess we didn't expect the texture? Auntie-Uncle lah, kita.

Well, after having our late lunch, we headed home. 

I am so grateful that we went for the event. We get to see what we needed to see and we were so satisfied. So remember BTB, if your preferred or even already booked bridal has a runway show, GO ATTEND it! 

Anyways, you can check out Versari Ade's own set of photos which have back stage pictures and all.
VERSARI ADE @ runway
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