Marina Square Balloon Exhibit + I-Light Marina Bay

It's been a while since we went out jalan-jalan with Mak. Since we also had food cravings and found out there were fun things to check out at Marina Square and Marina Bay, I asked her out. (yes, this outing was on March)

The initial plan was to have early dinner at Seoul Garden but that was a bust because the place was filled with reservations. Luckily, we had a second craving which was for pizza hut that happened to be right next door. No complains here!

After our dinner, we checked out Marina Square Balloon Exhibit: Sea of Wonder.
I've been wanting to visit their yearly balloon exhibit for years and the plan never worked out so I was thrilled I get to see it. Yes, I am old and still crazy with balloons and don't get me started with bubbles. Plus, how can you not appreciate the hard work to create such masterpieces? I can barely create a balloon animal unless a snake counts as one.

Mak was very happy too and being her auntie self wanted to take and pick the balloons off. lol

We took a break hanging outside the mall while waiting for darkness to really enjoy the I-Light exhibition at Marina Bay. Unfortunately, we didn't get to really visit every exhibit showcased because as the night gets later, the crowds kept coming and we were getting a headache from it.

There was a long queue to get a proper shot into this exhibition so I said we just take a shot outside and play with out silhouettes.

And turned around for the awesome lighting.

We passed Art-Zoo and yes, I would wanted to go in even there were no children with us but circumstances disallowed us to.

So that's about it. Not much photos but we really enjoyed ourselves especially Mak. She said one thing she loves about going out with us is that we tend to walk a lot. (everyone in the family as a car but us haha) She said she loves it because she always feel physically better after going out with us as all her muscle cramps will disappear. Whatever it is, it was definitely a easy but fun night.


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