Shahril & Viana's Wedding. (Nice to see, not nice to experience)

He is my cousin on my father's side and I have always think that he is the most handsome cousin I ever had. Not that I have incest thoughts or something, please lah,hor?

Yet again, another wedding that is not conventional. Not that there is nothing wrong to modify the arrangement of the wedding, but it's sad to know that many weddings nowadays are opting out certain traditional acts of a malay wedding.
[I plan to blog/rant about this so watch this space]

We were sort of late and by the time we reached my cousin's place at Jurong, they were already heading to the girl's place at Yishun. It wouldn't be a problem if my Mom, Jhon, Shibly and I are not in the back of Abg Awil's work lorry which has no aircon, no windows etc. Luckily it was in the morning so it was not so humid.

When we reached Yishun, everyone was there and was simply waiting for the "Tok Kadi" who is going to marry them off. Even that arrangement was funny because they didn't exchanged rings after the ceremony so all the while, I was wondering when did they did that? I still don't know. -_-

The father of the bride CRIED while officially announcing that he is giving away his daughter.
Very touching can?

It was after everything was settled and it was phototaking time with the family was where it kinda went shitty. The bride's family seemed to be lost in their own world and were not good hosts to us, the family of the groom.

It was 12am and we were hungry and no one invted us to eat. So my forever brave mom was asking everyone, when can we eat and everyone was hungry.

THEN HOR!! the mother of the bride was sacarstically saying,
"OH! its self-service okay? You can help youself".
It's not about being served, we just thought it would be proper ettiqutte to be invited to eat rather than happily help ourselves while the others are taking photos.

So we all went to the buffet table and lo and behold! Food was NOT ready, not even the drinks!! -_-
And we overheard that they will serve food at 2 -3pm! How can you start an event at 11am and serve food that late? And she lied to our hungry faces!!

I don't know about other family members but we were getting cranky because we have not have our breakfast and had to wait for a LATE lunch but we tried our best being cool, taking our own photos etc.

Eventually, they served the food earlier and you would be amazed the suddenly long queue of the food. We are not the bad guys okay? We just happen to voice out what every one is thinking.

Felt a little better after that, Abg Awil sang a song requested by my Sis and I made Jhon write in the guestbook.

Even signing the guestbook was a little of a commotion. My dear Jhon was already struggling to write in malay while I was whispering to him how to spell and irritating flirty aunties were up and around us, talking so loudly and standing too close to us. I say flirty because I left Jhon for a few seconds to take the camera and they were uncomfortably distrubing my Jhon. -_- He is so stressed that his handwriting sucks. haha

That picture in the guestbook was the most decent & sweet among others.

Most pictures chosen for the guestbook are the act sexy photos. -_-

Well, the bride and groom finally came down with their 2nd outfit of the day and not with a "kompang" but drum/bongos thingy. I won't deny their outfit looks great accept for her Medusa head gear but the music does not match their traditional outfits at all. =(

We immediately went home after that.

Not before Abg Awil felt sick and vomited in the carpark due to gastric.
Weird thing was I IMMEDIATELY fell sick as soon as I reached home with high fever.

Today was another ceremony but this time, sole on my cousin's side but I was still sick so my family went without me.

As guests, there was a kinda weird experience.


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