Tron Is Forever Tainted

Tron will always be tainted to me.

I am not taking about Tron: Legacy 2010, judging from the trailer where graphics are splendid with dramatic soundtrack.

I am talking about this guy known as the Tron Guy. Back in 2003, he was very popular in the cyberspace for his obsession for Tron to a point he created his very own costume complete with LED lights.

But it goes beyond that. Well, picture says a thousand words.

Don't worry, he soon after started wearing pads for his crotch.

Sucks for me that everytime I see Tron: Legacy advertisement or trailers, that image will pop in my head.




  1. hahaha.. now i'll think of him too when i see tron-related stuff!!

  2. hahaha welcome to world of tainted-tron =P