SMRT Fails

"From Dec 18 to June 17, 2011, commuters affected by overcharging as a result of the bus stop distance corrections can get a full refund on the spot "

Fail No. 1

To have a distance error in the first place since they were so eager to charge us by distance instead of number of stops. But since technically, nothing is perfect, I think it is not that bad since they are willing to refund the over charges when they could've pretended nothing happen. =P

Fail No. 2

Many people are unaware of such refund. In fact, the TransitLink Add Value Machine & TransitLink Ticket Office/Concession Card Replacement Office was not filled with people as expected on the first day.
Which was weird since Refunds + Singaporeans = Super long queue

Fail No. 3

The refunded money? I expected perhaps $1 or $2 but instead, I was refunded 11cents and Jhon, 6cents!
Turns out that many had the same experience though from watching the news, they had more than us.
Perhaps in grand total, amount refunded is a lot but when it is distributed individually, it is seriously not much.

Jhon barely received 6cents and could've found more change on the ground. Nonetheless, I still appreciate for the refund, its just that it seems the amount was not worth it.


Don't get me wrong, I love public transport and I always believe it is the commuters who always makes the journey uncomfortable for all, not the services but after all this, I can't help but think of their previous but appropriately suited fail....



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