Do I Look Like Little Miss Muffet To You?!

In less than a month, insects have successully tormented me in my daily life.

The first would be the praying mantis that came into my room and sat on my knee.

The next one would be a day of spiders. A light green spider hopped on the back of my leg early in the morning while I was heading for work. Luckily Jhon saw it and immediately brushed it off.

During lunch, as I was minding my own business, a spider was creeping down it's web from the ceiling!!!
Naturally, with eyes wide opened, I pointed it out with my finger making incoherent words to Jhon

I am sure from other people's perspective, I looked like I saw a ghost. hahaha! well, yet again, Jhon came to my rescue and made it climb back up.

A few days later, while talking to Fizah on the phone in my room, I saw an insect crawling on my wall. I wanted to ignore it but it was heading to my mom's clean pile of clothes.

As I got closer armed with an abundant amount of tissue, I noticed it was not an ordinary bug! It was wriggling like a worm but it was not. It had feelers and looked like a long version of an ant! Well, I pinched it with the tissue and showed it to my mom. She was disgusted while looking at it wriggled away & she is supposed to be my pest buster (wo)man!

The recent encounter was a grasshopper in my room. Black with a red tip on its body.
Mom managed to shoo it away but after 1 hour, it came back in and refused to go out. She had no choice but to kill it with insecticide.

Why oh why these bugs are bugging me?! Do they sense my fear and decided to play pranks on me like Little Miss Muffet?

To all insects, NOT FUNNNYYYY...


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