Cooking Spagetti Carbonara for Christmas

It is another year where Jhon is celebrating Christmas without his family. Although he has been free thinker, he can't deny he misses that special family bonding that they have every christmas.

So I tried to make it at least a little bit better by trying to cook one of his favorite food, Pasta.

And we decided upon Spagetti Carbona and the recipe we used is from Oprah where there was one episode where Tom Cruise was sharing his Spagetti Carbonara recipe.
Technically, it was not his own recipe, he said an old Italian lady shared this recipe to him but he somewhat called his own.

Naturally, people are not always generous with their recipes so it was not a suprise that the recipe shared it not 100% perfect.

I realised that 4 eggs vs 2 packets of spagetti is not enough. In fact, we cooked 3 eggs with just 1/2 a packet of spagetti and instead of using bacon, we used chicken slices, the ones that is usually used to make sandwiches because must make this Carbonara Halal for my sake. hehe

Other than that, we followed the directions to the dot.

It was a super simple dish and the verdict?


Jhon, Sis and my Dad had seconds! Excluding my BIL, Abg Awil who hardly tried because he does not like spagetti in the first place.

Since this is the first time we ever cooked Spagetti Carbonara, there was a little room for improvement. I think it is a little dry so I would probably put 4 eggs next time and be more generous with pepper.

Other than that, it was delicious and everything was gone on the spot.

Most importantly, Jhon is happy because it is all for him.

And he is.



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