Reminiscing 2010

It is the final day of 2010 and although there were many good and bad moments but these are the ones that are prominent in 2010 for me.

Not in any particular order

I had Lasik Surgery which was one of the best decision I have ever made. Perfect vision is pure bliss.

I went to Bangkok, Thailand for the first time. It was as wonderful as I expected to be and I was glad I had planned an itinerary that caters for everyone, the shopholics and adventurers.


There, for the first time, I held a tiger cub, saw & swam in clear blue waters, took an elephant ride & played "stuntman" with one and ate insects!

Jhon and I did a remake of Van Gogh's painting, 'Starry Night' out of eraser dirt. We were proud of how it turned out.

Jhon and I tried Vegan burgers for the first time and it was suprisingly delicious. We have been avid customers ever since.

My 2nd nephew within my family was born. Muhammad Syihab was conceived by my sister in law on 07 August. He has grown into one chubby and bubbly baby.

Probably the only major bad news in 2010, my dad was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. He is still under treatment and although everything is going smoothly, one does not help but worry.

There was a moment I went museum crazy and went to exhibitions of my favourite topics; Ancient Egypt and a Body Show.

Celebrated our 3 years anniversary and Jhon planned a romantic picnic just for me. The picnic was absolutely perfect and words would not describe how I loved that simple but wonderful day.

I did not go to many concerts this year compared to others but I think I sort of covered most genres.
Backstreetboys, Pittbull and a favourite filipino band, Parokya Ni Edgar.

Lastly, watching movie classic under the stars. It was another awesomely romantic outing we had and was a perfect as I imagined it to be. I can't wait to do it next year!

 And that about sums it up, the most prominent memories I have for 2010.

Here is to more simple and yet fantastic moments and lesser bad moments in 2011.

Happy New Year!



  1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog ^_^

    I really envy you for having a great year =)I also love pitbull and Parokya ni Edgar. Aha! What a coincidence. I wish you all the best this 2011 ^_^ Have a great night!

  2. Hi~ dropping by from innit..
    Wish u all the best in 2011...And hope your dad can get well soon..God bless him..^^