Cambodia, Day 4: Sihanoukville (Cambodia's Beach Getaway) + Vlog

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After our delicious breakfast at beautiful Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel, we started our 3 hour ride to Sihanoukville, one of Asia's under rated beach town compared to Thailand and Indonesia. Actually, Cambodia has nice beach fronts and even pretty islands to visit. But like most beach areas around the world, due to tourists, up keep has been difficult, more so when people don't clean up after themselves.

Anyways, our ride to Sihanoukville was very interesting because of they way they drive! To be honest, it was reckless because all vehicles (cars, vans & even giant trucks) would drive on the other side of the road to over take. It was scary at first but eventually we realized the people have this mutual respect recklessness going on. Despite the dangerous act, there was always ample space between every vehicles, they always horn as a way to inform they are behind. Eventually, the ride became very fascinating.

When we arrived, we had lunch at Sandang, definitely the best tasting restaurant we had went so far. The best of it all is that it is 5 star restaurant run by street children of Sihanoukville. Run by NGO M'Lop Tapang, they work with vulnerable children, youth and their families by training them and eventually work in the restaurant.

As we were seated, we were greeting by the young servers and manager who informed us that they are still learning so pardon if they had any mistakes. It was nice to see the person-in-charged patiently and calmly guided the teens as they served us. On top of that, food was top notched! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits Sihanoukville.

"Are we going to eat yet??"

With stomachs filled, we checked into Sokha's Beach Resort. Being a beach resort, the concept was very open therefore, very hot and humid. Unfortunately, in terms of accommodations, it was our least favorite especially compared to the rooms we had stayed in for 3 straight days. Other than that, the place was really nice with a beautiful pool with a beach front.

We got to rest for a couple of hours before meeting up with Sreyneang and basically drove around the area and passing a few beaches. We stopped by Hawaii Beach which over looked several islands, specifically, a bridge connected to Snake Island.

We didn't stay too long because it was too humid so we were brought to Lim Hav Resort, Restaurant & Guesthouse. We were told is atop the highest point in Sihanoukville and we had a great view of the area. Too bad, the sunset was off to the side. We could've a great view of it.

There were many hammocks all over the location and since we almost had the place all to ourselves, we pretty much used almost every one. It was definitely a wonderful place to rest and relax. The place was really calm and cooling that we could take a nap there and then!

For dinner, we went to Preah Lumhei Phumin Street where it's similar to Indonesia's Jimbaran Bay. To be honest, there were not much of a difference in concept and food at all but we throughout enjoyed it nonetheless.

With that, we ended our day with a romantic note before our last night in Cambodia tomorrow.
Technically, our itinerary caters until this day but we wanted an extra free & easy day at the beach before we head back to reality. So we had arranged to extend with our travel agent but apparently, the message didn't came across to our travel guide. Thankfully, everything went well so we managed to sleep well and can't wait for our itinerary free day.


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