Cambodia, Day 5: Sihanoukville (The Beach Escape) + Vlog

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Day 5 was actually out of our main itinerary. We wanted a free and easy day before we head back to reality. You know, just truly spending quality time with each other after all that boat riding, temple climbing, royal palace visiting and all.

Since it's out of the itinerary, we had book an extra day but instead of staying in Sokha Beach Resort, we requested to move to Moha Mohari Chalet which was the best decision we ever made. We were given an early check out at noon so we had our breakfast and checked out the beach nearby.

Here's my step sexy silhouette but failed. haha

Before we knew it, we were on a cart to be sent all the way to the end of the resort.
Unfortunately, (you will see in the vlog) since it was low tide and the fact it was drought period, the chalet was not as eye catching because there was no water especially at the back area. The concept were chalets on stilts surrounded by water. Fortunately, our chalet was nearest to the beach so we still managed to experience as it was intended.

Inside, it looked wonderful as promised. Item in my bucket list was ticked off because I had always wanted to stay in such a room. It definitely had the honeymoon vibes for sure. Canopy bed smack in the middle, small kitchen and dining area, huge wardrobe which we only used 1/4 of it. Not to mention an open concept bathroom with a Jacuzzi at the balcony. We figured we would use the Jacuzzi at night but it was so dark at the beach area and since I'm absolutely terrified of the dark, that didn't happen. haha

It was definitely one of our favorite days (and vlog) because we were truly relaxed and feeling lovey-dovey. We did nothing but just enjoy the wind, the sand and the sea. We didn't go out for lunch and dinner and just ordered in. We had the entire beach all to ourselves except until 5pm when locals come in but they were so far away anyways so it didn't change anything.

Heads up, there are a lot of scenery pictures up ahead. Especially with the beautiful sunset, we can't resist and keep on snapping. Looking through the photos, I can truly say that Cambodia beaches are underrated compared to other Asian countries. No regrets in insisting that we visited their beaches.

It was a perfect way to end our trip. It was the best trip we ever had thus far even though it was unconventional compared to an Europe trip or a Bali trip. It had the right amount of adventure, culture and relaxation.

The next day, would be officially our last day in Cambodia as we wake up to head home.

Check out my vlog of that day.


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