Playing with Food

Do not play with your food!!

Does that sound familiar? I like to pick and play with my food but as I grew up, playing with my food comes to another level.

Curtains made out of Pringles chips was my biggest project. [read here] Luckily, after a while, my mom kinda gave up nagging at me and learned to appreciate the art behind it.

I still randomly play with my food once in a while until there was a true motivation behind it.

Recently, ChurpSg released a contest based on the new movie Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. I don't about you guys but I love the first movie. Come on, making food out of water? How can you not love it? Plus, the characters were so adorable and funny! I have to get my hands on those movie tickets and maybe movie premiums (top 10 gets the premiums)

I started with 'duku langsat' snake.

I also looked up in the internet for ideas. I found and attempted Banadog and Apowl.

Jhon attempted owl with the 'duku langsat'

I had cooked 'Daging Kicap Manis dengan kentang' (Sweet soya souce beef with potatoes) for dinner so I thought I shall attempt art with it too. It's a gorilla complete with a banana. lol

Play with your food but make sure you eat them so as not to waste them. hehe


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