Punggol Waterway

Here's presenting you the most back dated post ever because this outing was on September of 2013. I've mentioned before that there were so many back logging of photos and since this outing is not very interesting, it's always been pushed further back as more interesting and important outings occur.

Well, we went trailing at Punggol Waterway for the first time. I've always wanted to explore this place but never got into it until we had to survey it for a possible project.

It's a little troublesome for us to go there from our place but we made it! There were many people hanging around the place but after 10am, we had the place almost all to ourselves. Why ah?

The park was clean and green and has potential to grow greener as there are trees/shrubs still growing. Which explains the lack of shade except for certain areas of the park.

Architecturally, the park looks great! I can see why wedding/ graduation photo shoots are taken here. Although they tend to be just committed with just the bridge when there are other wonderful spots.

One thing for sure was that day, the day went hot very quickly. Luckily, I had brought drinks and food for a quick break under a shade.

Cap placed like Mat rep because it was getting too sweaty. Now I know why they wear their caps like this.

 While walking, we spotted a nice looking bird's nest among the trees. Can you spot it?

*abrupt end*


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