Family Time at Sengkang Swimming Complex

It's our first time visiting SengKang Swimming Complex and it's one of the top swimming pools to visit. It was also our lucky day because it has been raining for 3 days and suddenly, the next day, it's cloudy but sunny.

Look at 'dem clouds, yo.

Hanging out with the usual people. Bro and family, mom who didn't swim and Jhon.

My verdict, the place is great! The slides were fun, fun pool was big and lived up to it's name and the sheltered teaching pool was awesome. Jhon even managed to learn to swim a few moves. I didn't try the competition pool and Jacuzzi under the sun is not appealing at all to me.

Half way through, Bro decided to blow up the float he brought. He and Jhon did it together for a 1 minute and it looked so wrong I had to take a photo. lolol Bro commented No Homo because there was no eye contact. I had the technique to blow it up so I finished it off for them.

After the swim, which was frankly speaking, no enough for me, we went for a quick visit to bro's future house nearby. It's look good... His balcony is the one with the banner. He has a wonderful view in front and the sky was looking so blue, I can't resist taking a photo.

For dinner, we went to Newton for a feast. No photos of the food because I really didn't bother. It's basically your standard chili crab, chili kangkong, baby squid, sambal stingray  etc. Food was 8/10 only though.

I want to go swimming again!


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