Government Say I Old Liao

2 weeks before my 30th birthday, I received a letter from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. The letter where the government officially says that I don't look as young as my NIRC anymore.

2 months later after much digress and forgetfulness, I finally had a recent photo ID taken to submit. I hope they accept my application because by right, I am supposed to post within 1 month. Kwang kwang kwang...

I took my photo at FotoHub at Changi City Point and it was a breeze. I don't know, I kinda dislike taking photo IDs. I guess I had bad experiences especially during my younger years. I can remember the auntie asking me to smile but then said my eyes were too small so I had to "open" them.

Racist much, auntie? 

And when I attempted to "open" my eyes, she would asked me to smile bigger and when I smiled bigger, she asked me to "open" my eyes and the cycle goes on and on until I got cranky and sometimes sweaty. In the end, my photos always looked solemn and emotionless. 

Cue primary school bus pass.

Kesian kan? haha So my collection of photo IDs from young to old seems to be emotionless to happiness. 


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