Klarity Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion Review

Hello! I've received a package from a brand named Klarity and they sent me 2 products to review. One of them is the Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion which I will be reviewing in this post.

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Firstly, what is Lasertox™?

"Lasertox™ is a functional treatment methodology that brings you targeted treatment to improve on specific concerns, by adopting the laser technology which reinforces efficient penetration of the natural beauty essences into skin's dermis layer. It is researched by dermatologists in Korea with formula from France and Switzerland."

So what does the CC miracle white lotion do?
It has what I describe lightheartedly as the kiasu version of a lotion because it has 11-in-1 multi functions!

With a sun screen factor of SPF30/PA++, Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays, it also prevents photo-aging and dark spots among other issues. It's the first CC cream with no colorant, can be used on face and body it's even Halal certified.

Now the test.
I placed a small amount on my arms and gently massaged it onto my skin. A small amount could go a long way and application was smooth and light. It was not sticky and not oily. My skin was matte and does not feel I had the lotion on at all.

Well, you can tell why I tested on my arm. I've been spending my days jogging and swimming and I started to get a tan. I have no idea why my hands are not tan so it looks like I am wearing a white translucent glove almost like a cat with white paws but not as cute.

But I digress.

Lighting was suddenly inconsistent but you still can see the results.

It was immediate! I kept rubbing but there was no more lotion to rub and all was left was a band of white skin on my arm! Amazeballs! I am not sure if it's truly working or its just the lotion's properties that lingers on the skin.


After a while, the fairness "disappears". Granted, it was just a first try and not a test over a long period of time but it does seem to have potential. One thing for sure I can confidentially say is that the lotion is quite strong (hence the laser name). I had a blotch of lotion on my hand for 5+ minutes trying to get a good angle to take a photo and gave up and removed it.

I didn't took notice until a few hours later, I felt an itch and there was a stain/ bruise like spot on exactly I had the lotion. I tried to take a photo of it but it was faint and hard to capture. I know it does not seem much but it would not be so if it's on a face or even worse, a bigger patch. I figured, maybe it would go away but this photo was taken 1 day later.

 It could be from few reasons. Skin allergy? Although my arm was fine. Or I had too much lotion sitting on my skin for too long. Obviously, I would apply the lotion thinly but it makes me question on the effects of long term wear. You see, I have sensitive skin so I can't really vouch for other types of skin.

So would I recommend Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion? I would suggest to those who does not have sensitive skin to give it a try and use it sparingly.

For more information, head to their website, here.

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