7th Year Anniversary at 2Degree Ice Art

Today marks our relationship of 7 years! Even Facebook wished us happy anniversary, since when they do that huh? keke

Anyways, our anniversary falls on a Monday and since Jhon is lacking of annual leaves, we decided to celebrate it in advance on Saturday. We visited the 2Degree Ice Art exibihition near Marina Bay Sands which was at it's 2nd last day of exhibition. Talk about last minute!

We came early because I love to beat the crowds especially when it's the weekends, public holiday and the fact the the exhibition period is almost over and beat the crowd we did. We practically had the whole place all to ourselves and got crowded at 11am when we were just hanging out waiting for the snowfall time.

We rented out jackets and bought gloves and entered the exhibition with excitement. (Visitors can bring their own if they have any). You would think going to such a place that does not rent out boots, visitors have the common sense to wear shoes but I've actually seen someone wearing sandals and 1 wearing a short skirt! WUT?

Anyways, this is the second time we went to a snow/ice exhibition. Our first one was at Snow city [click here for post] and it's a little hard to compare. Jackets and gloves were way better at Snow City and although they have a bigger slide, you get to slide made from ice at 2Degree Ice Art and not to mention 2Degree has a bigger ice exhibit.

The moment I entered, I was so pumped because the ice sculptures were big and beautiful. It was freezing (duh) and the first real chill that hit me was my hands because the gloves were thin. If you are like me, who must touch and hold everything, yup, be prepared for a numbing pain cold on your fingers.

They have sculptures and artwork of famous landmarks in the world created by famous art sculpture masters. The London’s Big Ben and Paris’ Eiffel Tower among others were all in a form of ice. Jhon had brought his DSLR but the lens couldn't handle it and started to fog. Horray for handphone camera!

Frankly speaking, the place was not that big. If you just walk around, tried the slides once (or not), it probably would take 20-30 minutes to finish and it's about roughly the time the cold would really hit.

But it's us, specifically, me.

We took our time, taking photos, I took the slide probably 5 or 6 times, walked back and forth, videoing the entire place (vlog at the end of blog keke) and just chill (pun not intended) in one corner.

Besides the fact that we want to fully enjoy the place, we where also waiting for the timed snow fall but after spending 1 hour in there, we wanted to surrender. Luckily, after we asked the crew, we were allowed 1 re-entry so apa lagi? We exited and basked in the heat and waited for 11.30am.

While getting our body temperature back to normal, hordes of people came in, mostly the elderly probably for an excursion but no fuss, we had thoroughly enjoyed the place and only wanted snow fall.

When the time was right, we re-entered, waited for another 5 minutes and weeeeeeeeee!!!!! Our first snow fall experience albeit it was fake. Watch the vlog for pure happiness.

By the way, they had an ice bar which was basically an entire bar that is made of ice. It was only open from 3pm onwards and we were not as interested anyways. =P You can buy a real ice mug for $9 drink from it and smash it later on.

After the snow, we brushed off the excess snow, and headed for the overpriced hot coffee and milo at $2 each. After body temperature went back to normal again, we went for lunch at Aspirasi at Seah Im Food Centre, yey for bus no. 97. Unfortunately, the chicken rice on that day was a hit and miss.

Happy anniversary, Mahal ko. It's been 7 great years and I pray for more to come.


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