Klarity™ Lasertox™ Slim Up Mask

If you had read my first Klarity's product review post [here], here's my review on their second product that was sent together which was the Klarity™ Lasertox™ Slim Up Mask.

Jealous of other ladies who have a smaller V-line chin? Distracted with your double chin while taking a selfie? Well, the Slim Up Mask basically aims to not only firm and lift up your chin but also slims it.

With just 2 steps, you may achieve the smaller chin you deserve.

The consistency of firming cream was smooth and application was easy. It smelled nice and to me, the cream was more than enough for my face. After applying and massaging, I don't know if it's me or not but there was a minimal heaty sensation.

I was doubtful at first with the hydrogel's stretching ability when I was about to put on my cheek and chin but it was a snug fit. The cooling sensation of the gel helped overcoming the heaty sensation. 30-40 minutes may seem to be long but I suppose wearing it while watching your favorite TV show would make it a breeze.

Unfortunately, this mask does not promise immediate results in fact, it says that for optimum result, use firming cream with lift up patch every day for the first 2 weeks and at least 1-2 times a week continuously.  For $10 per mask everyday for first 2 weeks can burn a hole in your pocket.

For thrifty people like me, I suppose you can splurge on the mask once in a while with a relaxed regime which leads to a slower result. But then again, slow is better than zero right? 

Go to www.klarity.sg for more details.


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